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WE-Dog Bone

Product Features:

  • Quick and simple installation
  • UL Rated Paneling, Fabric, components, and wiring
  • Easy to reconfigure stackable Frame and tile system
  • Choice of tiles in laminate, Glass, and Steel
  • Acoustical/Tackable panels
  • Work Surfaces can be adjusted in 1" Increments
  • Acoustical/Tackable panels
  • Lay-in Cabling & 4 Circuit, 8 wire electrical
  • Standing Privacy: 66"/50" Panel height


  • Administration
  • Call Center
  • Customer Service
  • Accounting Workstation
  • Logistics
  • Programmer Workstations
  • Sales Desk / Business Development
  • Marketing Workstations
  • Privacy: Low
  • Collaboration: High

Did you know?

If you do not see the exact size, wall height, or storage capacity that you are looking for, give us a call today and let one of our Project Managers help you.1-877-335-3050